5 Best Beer Fridges (2020) – Top Brand Reviews

Having one cold beer at your reserve is the best thing in summer. Who doesn’t like to take a sip of some cold drink in the hotness of a day? Keeping yourself refreshed and hydrated is one of the most important aspects of your day to day work and for that to happen you must have one of those top-quality beer fridges that can keep your drinks cool as per your convenience. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best beer fridges out there that are capable of filling your man cave by storing the drinks and turning them into a glorious beverage.

Before starting off, there are some things that need some attention when deciding on a beer fridge. For instance, the temperature on which the fridge is being operated holds a lot of importance. If the temperature isn’t adequate then the taste and coldness of the beverage will be greatly affected. Similarly, the fridge should be able to adapt to any kind of situation and keep the drink cold for as long as possible.


Best Beer Fridge

Buyer’s Guide:

Now that we know some of the best beer fridges out there, let’s quickly take a look into some of the factors that you need to consider before buying.


One of the most significant things that you must consider before getting your hands on the beer fridge is its portability. It should be lighter in weight and smaller in size so that it can be moved easily between different places.

Power Consumption

Since beer fridges are smaller they don’t utilize much power but still, you have to take a look into star rating of the fridges in order to assess how much power they will consume.

List of Best Beer Fridges in 2020:

Keeping all of these in mind, we’ve made a list of some of the best beer fridges that show optimum performance and those are given below:

1. Godrej 30L Qube Personal Cooling Solution

So the very first fridge in our list is an appliance by Godrej. Godrej is famous for manufacturing top tier electronic appliances all across India and they have a fair share of good fridges as well. This one, in particular, is an ideal choice for storage of beverages, especially beer.  One of the best things about this fridge is that it doesn’t require a compressor and in return, there is no issue of refrigerant as well. Many fridges suffer from the problem of refrigerant exhaustion which leads to gradual decrease in the quality of stored beverages but that thing doesn’t happen with this one since it makes the use of thermoelectric technology where all the concerns of compression and condensation are eradicated and the functions that are usually performed by these are replaced by this thermoelectric technology.

This also slightly increases the speed of cooling because there are fewer components for processing. The fridge is quite easy to operate and carrying out its maintenance is as easy as pie. The fridge is actually quite compact so there isn’t any nuisance of removing parts of the fridge to carry out cleaning. In fact, this fridge doesn’t even require occasional cleaning because it functions very smoothly and doesn’t let the dirt to settle. Within its interior, the intensity of light is as bright as you desire.

Since there is a provision of LED the fridge remains bright. There are actually two LEDs inside the fridge so visibility becomes greatly enhanced. Some fridges often suffer from the problem of defrosting because of a lack of technology but that thing doesn’t happen in this prospect. Since it is equipped with technology that resists uncalled defrosting, you won’t have to face any nuisance of surprising flood at your house.


  • Since there is no compressor within the fridge, it is very silent in operation.
  • The fridge remains super bright from the inside, courtesy of two LED lights.
  • No need to defrost.
  • Carrying out maintenance in this one is quite easy.


It can’t freeze ice.

2. Hair 52 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Next up we’ve got a fridge from Hair and it is an ultimate choice if you are looking to get a fridge to keep your beers in optimum condition. Just like Godrej, Hair is also a top brand when it comes to electronic appliances but the thing is that Hair has its wings spread across the entire world. They are producers of some of the best electronic devices and this thing right here is one of their most efficient appliances when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Unlike the previous fridge that had a capacity of holding 30 liters of storage, this one can store up to 52 liters which is quite a big margin when we talk about fridges especially made to store beer and other beverages. This is so big that you can ever store the beverages for a household party and you will never run out of bottles. The space within the fridge is also distributed quite well and optimum spaces are provided in there for storage of different sizes of bottles. The cooling is uniform and there isn’t any change in the quality of beverages kept in different sections. This is all possible because of the exceptional interior of the fridge.

There is a compressor within the fridge, unlike the previous Godrej’s model. But here is the good news about this compressor; it is super quiet, in fact, it is quieter than the one without a compressor. Don’t trust me? Go and check out the fridge yourself. With only 32 dB of sound, you will never experience the fridge’s noise, even when you open it.

A special section is provided in the fridge where you can turn the water into ice. This feature wasn’t there in the previous fridge but this one is capable of freezing ice. It isn’t really necessary feature for a fridge that is only required for cooling beverages but when you talk about the fridge as a whole, it doesn’t hurt to have one or two auxiliary features like that and for the price at which fridge comes, it’s totally economic deal.

The fridge has a 3-star energy rating, which means that it is a super energy saver. Obviously, when the fridge is compact it tends to be energy efficient but when you take into account the inclusion of compressor and feature of freezing ice, it becomes a totally different thing. Without cutting any corners, they’ve maintained the quality of providing fresh, cool, tasty beverages and that too with efficient utilization of power. If you are looking for one of those fridges that provide optimal performance with additional features, then pack this one for your kitchen.


  • The compressor makes very little noise.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Space up to 52 liters.
  • It can freeze ice.


  • Comparatively, the fridge is heavier.

3. LG 45 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Another monster industry that excels in manufacturing all kinds of electronic equipment is LG and today we have an amazing feature from them. This refrigerator by them is not only ideal for the storage of beverages but also great for storing different kinds of stuff. Moreover, it comes off at a very reasonable price and with the features that it offers; this becomes an ideal choice for a household refrigerator. Another great thing that you can get from the fridge is that it can be placed even in your bedroom and there are multiple reasons for that which we will see later on. For now, you just have to keep in mind that if you don’t want to go through the nuisance of walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night to quench your thirst, then get your hands on this.

At first, the design of the fridge is world-class. In fact on the outlook it doesn’t even look like a fridge, it looks like something that is used for decorating your house and this is one of the reasons why you can use the fridge even in your bedroom. But the fridge isn’t only flashy from the outside, on the inside, there is a whole different story. On the inside, you will come across shelves that are made with high-grade material that is capable of withstanding loads of higher magnitude. This allows you to store things that are usually heavier in load, for instance, a big bottle of beer.

Apart from bottles of beverages, you can even store other things like vegetables, fruits, etc. There is no need for a stabilizer for this one as it operates between 140-290V. So if there is a power breakage of any sort, you won’t have to worry because the fridge will remain intact without any notion of the problem within it. The sealing is also super packed in the fridge because of the fixed gasket. It allows the fridge to be closed and opened without putting much of an effort. An additional feature in this fridge is that there is a whole different freezer compartment within it. It is dedicated to things that require different rates of temperature.


  • No need for the stabilizer.
  • Good looking exterior.
  • Shelves are strong.
  • Packed sealing.


  • Sometimes there are problems with defrosting.

4. Whirlpool 93L 2 Star Mini Refrigerator

Whirlpool is a leading electronics company and mainly it is famous for manufacturing excellent fridges that are both superior in functionality and power efficiency. It is said that out of every 10 households, two would have a refrigerator from Whirlpool and it is quite true because their name is always brought up whenever talking about the refrigerator. This mini refrigerator is no exception and is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that can hold both beverages and other kinds of stuff. Usually, in beer fridges, there are only 2 racks for storing the cold drinks and that’s because of the fact that they are compact in size.

But this Whirlpool fridge says something else. It comes up with three racks for keeping bottles of beverages and beers and with multiple racks, you get more space. So compared to usual fridges, this fridge offers a lot more space. Top-quality freshness is maintained within the fridge and that too for an extended period of time. Thanks to the multi airflow system that is comprised of the system, you get to taste the ultimate level of eminence from your cold beers. This multi airflow system is designed in order to cater to the uniformity in all directions. It also makes cooling more effective and also enables beverages to achieve imminent coldness.

Though this system has increased the overall cost of the fridge to some extent by accounting for the extra perk, it isn’t really a bad deal. Whirlpool is known for its versatility and it is seen in most of their refrigerators. This one too comes up with 7 different modes of cooling, just like usual whirlpool refrigerator. It is quite surprising because most of the beer fridges and especially of this size don’t really equip a number of cooling modes, they are limited to just 2 or 3 but whirlpool defies all odds and ensures that your refrigerator works optimum in any kind of situation.

Just like three racks in the fridge, there are three shelves that can be adjusted as well. So with the freedom of adjustment now you can store things that are larger in size without any problem of space restriction that most of the refrigerators suffer from. If we speak of numbers then Whirlpool has claimed that this fridge right here can store up to 50 cans and 30 bottles which is quite an impressive figure. Apart from beverages, you can store other stuff as well.


  • The fridge has a comparatively larger space.
  • It has adjustable shelves.
  • No need for the stabilizer.


  • Compared to other fridges, this one is larger which makes it difficult to mobilize.

5. Xtiveil Mini Fridge

Over the years we’ve witnessed some of the greatest spectacles of technology when it comes to kitchen appliances but very few have taken a keen step in taking things to a whole new level. One of those is Xtiveil who have come up with a mini-fridge that can be moved anywhere. All you need is a source of electricity and you can use the fridge anywhere you desire.

When you are going for a long ride in your vehicle to regions where there aren’t people around, it becomes difficult to find a cold bottle of drink. This fridge right here is made to be used in such situations. This is actually a car refrigerator and does the function of both heating and cooling. With multiple options, you can get a convenient temperature for the drink as per the environment around you. The only problem with this particular fridge is that it is required to be connected to your car’s engine in order for it to function or in any other case; a battery can also do the job for you.

The fridge is extremely compact; in fact, it is one of the most compact fridges in the class of beer fridges. In addition to that, it occupies quite less volume and is easily portable. It just occupies little space in your car and once it is installed, you won’t have to wait for the sip of your cold drink.

There is an absence of compressor or cryogen, so ultimately the fridge is free from any form of pollution. For its price, the fridge is quite tough and well made. It isn’t anything astounding like you usually get from brands like Whirlpool or LG but it isn’t really that bad. Being made from ABS, this fridge offers shock resistance so the bumps from the hill won’t knock it down. It also utilizes a very less amount of power and because of that, you won’t have to worry about any decrease in the performance of your vehicle engine.

Since the fridge makes the use of little energy, the effect of coldness or hotness isn’t that much. But it is sufficient enough to get you decent drink in the chill of winter or heat of summer. You can reduce the temperature right up to 5 degrees Celsius, which means that there isn’t any provision for freezing the water and turning it into ice, though, it isn’t really required since the fridge is a portable one. On the other side, you can get the highest temperature of 65 degrees Celsius if you need a warmer drink. The fridge has some deficiencies and isn’t really on par with fridges mentioned above but it is special in its own way and with the price that it comes, the deal is completely worth buying.


  • It is portable.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • It doesn’t consume much power.
  • It can both heat and cool.


  • Limited temperature range.


All mentioned fridges can do the convenient job but if you are looking for an all-around and ideal beer fridge then I would suggest getting your hands on Whirlpool 93L 2 Star Mini Refrigerator.

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