Heady Topper & Long Trail Blackberry Wheat listed as best beverages after outdoor adventures

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Is there anything better than a cool drink of a hoppy beverage after a long outdoor adventure? If your destination is far from the car and a bottled brew seems like a heavy extravagance, try these canned brews that have broken away from their traditional glass mold to appease the light packer.

The initial whiff of Heady Topper slammed my nostrils with dominant notes of tropical fruit, citrus rind, and a bit of pine” says one beer tester. If you like the hops, this may be the most complex brew you’ve exposed your taste buds to. Long Trail Blackberry Wheat promises to quench your thirst without the extra carbs of the heady brews. Its 3.6% ABV rating ensures more hydration than most beers, if that’s what you’re looking for. Instead of one, carry two or three and feel free to pair with a salad or light appetizer, no longer a need for the bulky wine bottle.

Wengerna, the maker of Swiss Army Knives, selected 2 Vermont beers of the 7 best canned drinks for cooling down after your outdoor adventure or hike.

read more at http://www.wengerna.com/blog/7-best-apres-beverages-for-the-trail/


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Alchemist Brewery

Alchemist Brewery

Website: http://www.alchemistbeer.com
Address Work 35 Crossroad Road Waterbury VT 05676

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Long Trail Brewing Company

Long Trail Brewing Company

Website: http://www.longtrail.com
Address Work 5520 US Route 4 Bridgewater Corners VT 05035

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