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Long Trail brings back the Brown Bag program

Something pretty special is happening at Long Trail. We’ve brought back an old concept we did often in the early 90’s – making pilot brew batches that could serve the purpose of test marketing new styles and flavors of beer. Born out of those days were recipes that turned into Hit the Trail Ale and Double Bag. We called this series the Brown Bag program partly because we didn’t invest in the cost of fancy packaging. They were available on draught only or in kraftboard 6 packs with brown paper bag labels. Today, we’re bringing it back! Coming very soon to market is Long Trail Brown Bag Series Batch #1 – American IPA. It will be a draught only offering but sure to be enjoyed in craft beer bars all over in just a few weeks! If you are in the area of our brewery in Bridgewater Corners, VT stop in today! First barrel has been tapped and available in the Visitor Center Pub!

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Long Trail Brewing Company

Long Trail Brewing Company

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